Saturday, November 20, 2004


Today is Saturday and I have to work. I am only working until noon, but damn I have a hour and a half drive. I know, you say, why do you drive so far to work. I live in a small town and if I want to make real money I have to drive. I know, why not move? Well my wife has lived their her whole life and she is not about to move. I do not want pity, I just want to vent.

Not only is it bad enough that I have to work. Today is opening day of Duck season in Arkansas and opening day of deer season in Tennessee. Damn! It is not the kill I am going to miss today it is what happens after hunting. You go to the shed and start having a cold beer and cooking out on the grill. Oh well, there will be another day hopefully to go and have a good time with my friends. I guarantee they are having a great time now.